To the Administration of Believer’s church hospital Surgical ICU

To the Administration of Believer’s church hospital Surgical ICU

I wish to thank the ICU doctors, nurses, especially Dr Sunil Anthony & Dr Vijaykumar team, coordinators, all other medical professionals, who each or collectively made my dad’s experience (Mr. V. K. Mathew) at your facility as easy and successful as it could be! The staff was thorough, informative, kind, and compassionate throughout his stay in the hospital. I was very confident in the care of my dad who was receiving treatment at your SICU from June 25th 2020. My dad’s hospitalization especially me being abroad, mom alone at her old age and with the Covid -19 situation was very scary and distressing to my family. I don’t know how we could have overcome these days, without the best staff care, especially from Titty and her entire team of nurses who obviously role-played roles of us sons, daughters, grandchildren, in our absence !We experienced so much comfort, in a friendly environment, tolerating my dad’s condition to roads of recovery with the best care I could ever imagine! I would also like to thank all staff in the 6th private ward where he was later transferred to before his discharge. The nurses & all staff members were calm and comforting in all their care efforts to my dad. My dad was treated so well and the experience with the doctors, nurses & SICU team was amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!



Manoj Mathew (Son of V. K. Mathew)

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