Heartfelt Appreciation for Exceptional Care

Heartfelt Appreciation for Exceptional Care

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire ICU team at your facility, with special mention to Dr Sunil Anthony and Dr Vijaykumar, for their outstanding care during my dad's (Mr V. K. Mathew) stay at the SICU.

The staff at your hospital, including doctors, nurses, coordinators, and all medical professionals, played an invaluable role in making my dad's experience as smooth and successful as possible. Their dedication, thoroughness, kindness, and compassion were evident throughout his hospitalization.

My dad's hospitalization was particularly challenging for my family, considering my residence abroad, my mom's advanced age, and the ongoing COVID-19 situation. It was a time filled with fear and distress. However, the exceptional care provided by the staff, especially by Titty and her team of nurses, truly eased our burden. They went above and beyond, almost assuming the roles of our own sons, daughters, and grandchildren in our absence.

The comfort we experienced in such a friendly environment, coupled with the remarkable care provided, was beyond our expectations. The journey from my dad's critical condition to the path of recovery was made smoother thanks to the dedication of the entire SICU team.

I also extend my gratitude to all the staff in the 6th private ward, where my dad was later transferred before his discharge. The nurses and all team members were a source of calm and comfort in their efforts to care for my dad.

My dad received exceptional treatment, and our experience with the doctors, nurses, and the SICU team was nothing short of amazing. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.

Manoj Mathew
(Son of V. K. Mathew)