Adult congenital heart services

BIHC offers medical management, catheter interventions and surgical corrections to a wide variety of congenital heart disease in adults including unoperated and operated congenital heart disease (CHD). 

Outpatient services

  1. ACHD clinic- Diagnostic evaluation and management of all adults with congenital heart diseases.

  2. Echocardiography

  3. CT Angiography (with Radiology department)

  4. Evaluation and management of pregnant women with operated or native congenital heart disease.

  5.  ECG and Holter monitoring

  6. Pacemaker evaluation 

  7. Treadmill testing 

Inpatient services

  • Medical management of congenital heart diseases including care in CCU

  • Perioperative management of congenital heart disease

  • Trans-oesophageal echocardiography

  • Surgery for adult congenital heart disease (Fontan completion, TOF repair, pulmonary valve replacement, conduit replacement etc.)

  • Catheter interventions (Eg: ASD closure, Coarctation stenting, collateral occlusion, PDA closure etc.)

our Specialists

Dr. Kannan R Nair
Dr. Kannan R Nair Senior Consultant
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Dr. T U Zachariah
Dr. T U Zachariah Senior Consultant
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Dr. Sajith Sulaiman
Dr. Sajith Sulaiman Paediatric cardiac anaesthesiologist
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