Geriatric Medicine

Ageing is an inevitable process. Despite this, there is always a possibility of healthy ageing for the elderly, if we take care of them. Therefore, the motto of the department is “Healthy ageing”.  

Ageing leads to the development of chronic diseases and degenerative diseases. In addition to that, problems of falls, memory loss, and bladder incontinence are seen only in the elderly and are called geriatric syndromes.

These problems need to be addressed and taken care of by various methods. Geriatric medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with preventive, curative and rehabilitative methods for the management of medical and psychosocial aspects of elderly patients to improve their overall quality and health. In rehabilitative methods both physiotherapy and occupational therapy are given importance. 

Who can come to the department?
Any elderly patient above 60 years can come into the department

What are the conditions addressed?
All medical problems like diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia are addressed. Apart from that patients are screened for geriatric syndromes, assessment of falls, memory assessment and incontinence screening. 

We help to optimize medications:
Since patients over 60 years of age consume the most medications, they are more susceptible to side effects. Routine assessment of the medicines taken by the patient is done in the department.

Dementia Clinic

Every Wednesday, there is a speciality clinic where a team of psychiatrists, neurologists and geriatric physicians, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor and therapists assess the patient in detail for memory impairment.

Movement Disorder Clinic: 

People with Parkinson's and other movement disorders are taken care of by a team of specialized doctors

Improving functional ability improves the overall health of the patient.

Let us strive for healthy and happy ageing.

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