Highly experienced Neurologists and comprehensive neurology care are the hallmarks of our Neurology Department. We offer services to a wide variety of neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, stroke, migraine, epilepsy, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Our department has the most modern facilities like electrophysiology labs were Nerve Conduction Studies and EEGs are done. We also have portable EEGs to cater to the needs of ICU patients. We do over 2000 electrophysiological studies in a year, which includes EEG and Nerve Conduction Studies. 

We provide inpatient care which includes ICU care for all types of neurological disorders. We also have excellent radiology services with state-of-the-art 3 Tesla MRI machines to capture detailed radiology images. We are also supported by an excellent physical rehabilitation unit with occupational and speech therapists to provide holistic care to patients. With the multidisciplinary approach of care, the Neurology department has been successful in providing comprehensive care for patients with neurological disorders of myriad variety.

Believers Advanced Stroke Intervention Centre (BASIC)

Believers Advanced Stroke Intervention Centre(BASIC) is a comprehensive centre for the diagnosis, management and prevention of stroke and other cerebrovascular disorders.

Stroke is a leading cause of serious long-term disability. Therefore, the goal is to identify the problem and promptly provide the appropriate treatment. The nature, location, and cause of the blockage in blood vessels are identified with the help of advanced techniques like CT and CT angiogram. We perform complicated procedures like Endovascular Intervention for treatment of stroke patients which raises our standards to the international level.


Clinical services are offered by a full spectrum of divisions and programs within the Neurology department including:

  • General neurology
  • Epilepsy
  • Stroke and neurocritical care
  • Movement disorders
  • Memory disorder
  • Neuro-immunology-Multiple sclerosis
  • Neuromuscular disease
  • Headache
  • Autonomic disorders

 Electrophysiology :

  • Electro Encephalogram (EEG)
  • Nerve Conduction Study (NCS)
  • Electromyogram (EMG)
  • Visual Evoked Potential (VEP)
  • Blink Reflex
  • Repetitive Nerve Stimulation (RNS)
  • Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential (BAEP)
  • Somatosensory Evoked Potential (SSEP)


Outpatient Services 

  • Stroke & Tia Clinic
  • Stroke Prevention Clinic
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Clinic

Emergency Acute Stroke Therapy

  • Intravenous Thrombolysis
  • Intra Arterial Thrombolysis
  • Mechanical Thrombectomy
  • Thrombus Aspiration
  • Emergency Angioplasty & Stenting

Inpatient Services

  • Acute ischemic stroke treatment
  • Acute haemorrhagic stroke treatment
  • Sub Arachnoid Haemorrhage Treatment
  • Arteriovenous Malformations Treatment
  • Arteriovenous Fistulas Treatment
  • Speech evaluation & swallowing assessment

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services

  • Digital Subtraction Carotid Angiography
  • CT, CT Angiography, CT Perfusion
  • MRI Brain, MR Angiography, MR Perfusion
  • Carotid stenting, Aneurysm Coiling, AVM Embolization
  • Neurosonoway - Transcranial doppler
  • Sonothrombolysis
  • Cerebral Flow Studies
  • Carotid & Vertebral Artery Doppler
  • Stroke Education and Preventive Services
  • Home Based Stroke Support Services

our Specialists

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Dr. John K John Professor & HOD
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Dr. Anilkumar Sivan
Dr. Anilkumar Sivan Senior Consultant
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Dr. Joban John
Dr. Joban John Senior Consultant
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Dr Jerry A George
Dr Jerry A George Consultant
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Dr Archana M Consultant
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Dr Harikrishnan R Consultant
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