Comprises of Routine Biochemistry & Immunology

The Biochemistry Section of the laboratory contributes an important part in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease. By using its vast number of tests and the profiling makes the clinical decision easier. The timely delivery of routine test reports and handling of the STAT and Critical testing within makes this process more useful. For efficiently catering about fifty percent of all laboratory work load, the biochemistry section has the state of the art chemistry analysers, immunoassay analyser, HPLC HbA1c analyser, Nephelometers, electrophoresis apparatus, electrolyte and blood gas analysers all with adequate back up. Qualified and well trained Biochemists and laboratory technicians, using the standardised operating procedures based protocols to perform the assays with highest accuracy and precision. The department has a work flow and documentation which is consonance with the accreditation requirement of ISO 15189:2012 and NABL.


  • Dr. Subaida M R, Professor & HOD
  • Dr. Deepti G N, Associate Professor
  • Anu C John, Assistant Professor
  • Nisha Abraham, Assistant Professor
  • Cleetus C.C, Assistant Professor