The Emergency department of Believers Church Medical College hospital is committed towards creating an atmosphere of quality care and efficient services, featuring modern emergency medicine equipments and state-of-the-art bedside monitoring capabilities.

Our Emergency Department is staffed round the clock by a team of dedicated and highly skilled Emergency Physicians, Paramedics and ER Nurses trained in dealing with all forms of Medical, Surgical, Cardiac, Poly Trauma, Paediatric and other acutely ill patients. We are a Level I Trauma Centre  with in-house Trauma Surgeons, Anaesthetist, Orthopaedicians and vital support services including the ED emergency Major and Minor OT, Radiology, Blood bank and Point of Care Lab which is staffed and kept functional at all times. All the items required will be made available during mass casualties.

On average, our 35 bed Emergency department, which includes triage beds, observation areas, multi-bed Resuscitation bay, treats around 30000 patients annually. We have full-fledged Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support mobile ICUs, with trained emergency doctors and paramedics, providing vital pre-hospital care while transporting critically ill or injured patients.

Emergency cases are attended promptly with specialized doctors available on call in each department. In serious cases, priority is given to the treatment and management rather than procedures of registration or initiating medico-legal cases.  Considering a case as medico-legal is at the sole discretion of the Doctor and not with the patient or his/her relatives.

Telephone: Direct Line (24x7):  +91 9495998443

our Specialists

Dr Lailu Mathews
Dr Lailu Mathews Professor & HOD
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Dr. Shammy Douglas Lambert
Dr. Shammy Douglas Lambert Senior Consultant
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Dr. Jobin James Thrickoikal
Dr. Jobin James Thrickoikal Assistant Professor
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Dr. Vishnu Menon J
Dr. Vishnu Menon J Consultant
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Dr. Jeffy C. Jacob
Dr. Jeffy C. Jacob Consultant
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Dr. Anju Abraham
Dr. Anju Abraham Senior resident
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Dr Sincy Mariam George
Dr Sincy Mariam George Senior Resident
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Dr. Anupa Joseph Pathil
Dr. Anupa Joseph Pathil Senior Resident
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Dr. Sana Samad
Dr. Sana Samad Consultant
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