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Instructions to vendors

  • Read through the detailed instructions attached in the second column of the table.
  • Download the list of required items from the third column in the table.
  • The excel sheet downloaded in step two contain two sheets, the first one containing the materials and their quantity required, and the second one containing the format for submitting the e-tender.
  • After completing the excel, fill in the details of the bidder in the word document attached here. (Click here)
  • Attach both the excel (prepared in step 3) and the word document (prepared in step 4) and send it to the email mentioned in the table with the subject line as e-tender. For any queries, contact us through the same email.
Name Detailed Instructions Requirements Start Date Stop Date Email id
TENDER BCMCH/TC/4/21 Download Download 27-04-2021 05-05-2021