Cancer has spread all over the World like never before, especially in low and middle-income countries. As per the data shared by the government, Kerala's Cancer rate has grown dangerously. More than 65000 new cases are registered every year in Kerala. Almost 9 lakh people are at risk of Cancer in Kerala. The state faces difficulties related to Cancer treatment, supporting services, awareness, and prevention. Lifestyle choices, genetics, and other environmental factors contribute to the Cancer burden in Kerala. As the increasing rate of Cancer is alarming us to take initiative steps against Cancer, Believers Hospital and Malayala Manorama together brought a mission “Kerala Can” to make people aware about Cancer and its prevention.

Manorama News and Believers Hospital jointly launched the 8th edition of Kerala CAN on World Cancer Day with the message of “Let's reclaim the vibe of life”. Film 
Actor Jayasuriya was the face of the mission. Thiruvalla Believers Medical College Hospital will support the mission by providing medical assistance worth Rs.50 lakh. Also reminding everyone that all Cancer related services provided by the Believers Hospital are at a reasonable cost so that no one suffers due to the financial burden of health care, which is the basic right of everyone. Let’s unite to build better and Cancer free days in Kerala