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Dr. Leejia Mathew

Dr. Leejia Mathew

MBBS, MD Anaesthesiology, Diploma in Palliative Medicine (UK)

Associate Professor

Dr. Leejia Mathew obtained MD in Anaesthesiology at CMC, Vellore. She worked with Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) as the Consultant Anaesthesiologist at the Duncan Hospital, Raxaul in North Bihar serving the people for 8 years. She was also involved with the Critical Care and Internal medicine services there during that period.

She was later trained in Palliative Medicine at the prestigious Cardiff University, Wales, UK and was awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Palliative Medicine in July 2016. She won ‘THE BEST DOCTOR’ award as a certificate of recognition by the National Cancer Center, Singapore during the workshop ‘Symptom Control’ in Palliative Medicine.

Dr. Leejia is an extremely caring and compassionate Palliative Medicine Physician. Through her commitment and hard work, we have been able to establish an excellent Palliative Care Service in BCMCH.