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Dr. Girija Mohan

Dr. Girija Mohan



Dr. Girija Mohan, is an authority in the field of Pediatrics, with approximately 4 decades of medical expertise and experience in her medical speciality. She is currently the Professor of Pediatrics of Believers Church Medical College Hospital, in addition to being the Principal of Believers Church Medical College. A Life Member of both the Indian Academy of Pediatrics and the Indian Medical Association, Dr. Mohan has, over the course of her illustrious career, treated numerous complex cases in the fields of Pediatrics and Child Health. She has also appeared on television channels, where her innovative patient care methodologies have received recognition. A topper of her college, she completed her MD in Pediatrics from Calicut University, before beginning her career as a Tutor in Pediatrics, and rising steadily to become the Professor and HOD of Government Medical College, Alappuzha and has worked in other government medical colleges.

Dr. Mohan has, over the course of her professional life, been the recipient of numerous accolades from eminent government bodies for her significant contribution to the field of Pediatrics, including the highly coveted Dr E. G. Suresh Memorial Award for the Best Pediatrician of Kerala State, and the Dr. Satyadas Memorial Oration Award by Kerala Medical College Teachers Association(KGMCTA). Dr. Mohan has also amassed extensive experience training doctors at the Post Graduate and Graduate level, and guiding them in various research, thesis and dissertation topics related to her specialty. She focuses on highly relevant areas of interest including respiratory problems in children, infectious diseases, adolescent health problems, and music therapy. When time permits, she likes to dabble in her other passion, art.