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Dr. Ani Thampi
Dr. Ani Thampi
MD General Medicine
Senior Resident

Dr Ani Thampi is a compassionate Senior Resident in the Department of General Medicine with two years of experience. She joined the BCMCH family after a short stint as Junior Consultant in Lisie Hospital.
She is the first Post Graduate in Tamil Nadu to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Salem District Collector for effectively managing the Critical Care Unit during the Dengue Epidemic with minimum mortality.
She secured her MD General Medicine (Gold Medalist) from Govt. Medical College, Salem in 2018 and MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Thrissur in 2013. Additionally, she has also completed a Post Graduate Program in Cardiology from John Hopkins University of Medicine and MESF. Her research acumen resonate with the four publications and paper presentations that she did during her short career.