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Prof. Dr. Chepsy C Philip

Prof. Dr. Chepsy C Philip

MD, DM Clinical Haematology, EHA Certified in Clinical Haematology

Professor and Program Director

Prof.Dr. Chepsy C. Philip obtained M.D (Internal Medicine) from CMC, Ludhiana and trained as IACA Fellow in Blood & Marrow Transplantation from FHCRC, Seattle, USA after completing his DM (Clinical Haematology) at CMC, Vellore.

Prof. Dr. Chepsy, Senior Consultant in Clinical Haematology serves as the Program Director for RACTHAM (acronym for the newly initiated Regional Advanced Centre for Transplantation, Haemato-lymphoid oncology & Marrow diseases), which translates to ‘blood’ in Malayalam. His expertise includes Bone Marrow Transplantation, Chemotherapy & Immunotherapy for diseases of the blood and marrow which include multiple myeloma, Lymphoma, Leukemia, anaemias, coagulation and bleeding disorders, ITP, hypercoagulable states and thrombotic disorders, myelodysplasia, amyloidosis, polycythemia vera, myelofibrosis, essential thrombocytosis, porphyria, sickle cell disease, thrombocytopenias and thalassemias. 

A recipient of the American Society of Clinical Oncology International IDEA award, his current focus is on establishing an advanced centre for haematology and haemato-lymphoid oncology in BCMCH. Prof.Dr. Chepsy remains committed to delivering hope to all those affected with diseases of the blood and marrow.