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Dr Ashu Sara Mathai

Dr Ashu Sara Mathai

Professor & HOD

MBBS, MD Anaesthesiology

Dr. Ashu Sara Mathai, a distinguished expert in the field of anaesthesiology, boasts over two decades of invaluable experience. She received her undergraduate degree and MD in Anaesthesiology from Goa Medical College. Before her tenure at Believers Hospital, Dr. Mathai served at CMC Ludhiana, where she honed her skills and gained extensive knowledge.

Research Projects:

  • Principal Investigator (PI) for EPIC II (The Extended Study of Prevalence of Infection in Intensive Care II), a multicenter international one-day prevalence study, conducted at Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, in May 2007. The results of this groundbreaking study were published in JAMA in 2009.

  • Co-PI for the MANAGE trial in the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, Punjab.

  • PI for the SQUEEZE study (ESAIC), an international observational cohort study focused on postoperative vasopressor usage. The results are eagerly anticipated.

  • PI for the ENCORE study (ESAIC), a multicenter, international, observational study examining the effects of anesthetic techniques on the time to start adjuvant chemotherapy and post-surgery outcomes in colorectal cancer patients. The results of this study are also eagerly awaited.


Faculty/Guest Lectures/Chair/Presentations:

  • Invited Guest Speaker at the Critical Care Nurses Workshop at the national critical care conference 'Criticare 2007' in Cochin, January 2007.

  • Guest Speaker at the North Zone Indian Society of Anaesthesiology conference in Ludhiana, November 2010.

  • Guest Speaker at the North Zone Indian Society of Anaesthesiology conference in Patiala, October 2013.

  • Guest Speaker at the Neurocritical Workshop, Neurovascon, in Ludhiana, September 2015.

  • Presented a poster on 'Acute Aluminium Phosphide Toxicity' at 'Criticare 2007,' the National Critical Care Conference in Cochin, 2007.

  • Presented an e-poster on 'Mechanical and Infectious Complications of Central Venous Catheterizations' at the National Critical Care Conference and International Critical Care Congress in New Delhi, 2011, where she was awarded the first prize.

  • Presented a poster on 'Attributable Costs of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia' at the National Critical Care Conference and International Critical Care Congress in Kolkata, 'Criticare 2013.'

  • Invited Guest Speaker at PIMS Criticon 2022 on "Difficult Airway," discussing the "Difficult Airway Algorithm in Adults."

  • Invited Guest Speaker at BEACON 2022, Thiruvalla Kerala, where she spoke on the topic, "A Case of Super Morbid Obesity: How We Did It!"

  • Invited Guest Speaker at MARC 2023 at MOSC Kollenchery, speaking in a Pro-Con Debate on "Regional vs. General Anesthesia in Infraumbilical Surgeries in Children below 18 months."

  • Invited Guest Speaker at Kerala State ISACON in October 2023, where she discussed "Bariatric Surgery: Anaesthetic Concerns."



  • Dr. Ashu has been involved in examining MD (Anaesthesiology) and DNB exams since 2015.

  • She serves as a thesis guide for post-graduate students, offering guidance for MD (Anaesthesiology), MD (Internal Medicine), DM (Nephrology), and DM (Neurology) students.



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Book Articles:

Dr. Ashu has also made contributions to books in the field of anesthesiology and medical ethics. Her insights can be found in:

  • "Intraoperative Thermoregulation" in the 'Yearbook of Anesthesiology-9.'

  • "Critical Care Ethics: An Indian Context" in 'Practical Bioethics, An Indian Perspective-II.'