The department of Nephrology focuses on factors that are essential for a quality based long life for the patients on dialysis. The most important factor is that we provide ultrapure water for dialysis achieved by most modern RO plant with double purification as it reduces chronic inflammatory process in the body of the patient and thereby prolongs survival. The quality of the water is assessed and improved on a regular basis. We cover all aspects for good quality dialysis like technically advanced dialysis machines, skilled and trained technicians and nurses, physiotherapy during dialysis, clean and sterile technical assistance, regular disinfection of the dialysis unit, storage tanks and water distribution lines, education for patients and care givers with periodic questionnaire based upgradation of knowledge and above all a holistic approach to incorporate a positive energy to the patients and the entire working system. Each and every patient during each shift of dialysis are attended by the Nephrologist.

Physiotherapy during hemodialysis is practiced in our center which is rarely done in any part of the country. Usually the patients have a sleep wake cycle disturbance whereby they sleep more in the day and ask for sedatives for night sleep. The reason being mostly the feeling of insecurity as all the family members go to bed at night. The dialysis unit is an area where they are very comfortable to sleep as these patients are relaxed being in the hands of medical personals in the hospital. However it can bring on complications like drop in blood pressure and sugar, muscle cramps, lethargy and sudden loss of consciousness during dialysis. To prevent these and also to improve on general quality of life our patients are subjected to 1 hour of physiotherapy during their four hours session of hemodialysis. They are also advised to repeat the exercises at home. The patients have given a very positive and encouraging response to it.

We cater to 185 patients on a regular basis and we do an average of 1800 dialysis per month.

 We have eminent cardiothoracic and plastic surgeons for fistula construction, the life line of dialysis patients. The success rate of the fistulas are statistically significant.

Renal transplantation program has entered into a preliminary stage of discussion with the KNOS (Kidney Network Organ Sharing). Samagram Health Foundation, the body that executes the activities of the KNOS have conducted the continuing medical education (CME) in December 2016 for the initiation of transplantation. The program of transplantation is expected to begin in the mid part of 2017.


The fully fledged State-of-the-art Urology department is the latest addition to the Believer’s Church Medical College Hospital. Comprising of a team of Urologist with the perfect blend of experience, passion, competence and innovation, supplemented with cutting edge equipment and technologies the department aims to provide high quality care with best possible outcomes. Our focus is on providing optimal patient experience and continued support to our patients and families and not just achieving good results.

We have the best Stone care facility in the vicinity which includes the Electromagnetic shockwave lithotripter machine – Dornier compact delta 2, the best in class, 30W Holmium YAG Laser capable of breaking the hardest stones and an array of advanced endoscopes capable of accessing the remotest parts of the urinary tract.  

The high resolution TRUS guided Prostate biopsy equipment provides for early detection of Prostate cancers with a hope of curing cancer.

Our bipolar plasmakinetic resectoscope helps to provide advanced endoscopic treatment for all types of benign prostatic enlargements in the safest possible way.

We are the best Stone experts - Comprehensive and contemporary care for all types of urinary stones with minimal morbidity. (PCNL, Mini PCNL, CEIRS, URS, RIRS, Cystolitholapaxy, ESWL).

We are always available – 24x7 consultant based coverage for all urology problems.