The Medical Laboratory Department of Believers Church Medical College Hospital

The Laboratory Medicine department of Believers Church Medical College Hospital has witnessed unsurpassed advancements in the last few years. Advances in laboratory diagnosis and research have provided new breakthrough in diagnostic procedures and tools so as to enable new analytical techniques and accelerated technical advancements. All these developments have made rapid and accurate diagnosis possible which in turn speed up the treatment process and reduces the length of stay of the patient in the hospital.

The Laboratory Medicine department provides 24x7 services throughout the year. It supports both outpatient and inpatient services covering routine and STAT testing. It also supports STAT and critical reporting for the emergency department and ICUs including the CCU.

The outpatient services starts at 6 am in the phlebotomy counter in the ground floor near outpatient Pharmacy and runs up to 7 pm to cover the evening outpatients too. The Phlebotomy counter has a dedicated billing area for Laboratory tests alone to speed up the collection process. The phlebotomy department maintains the highest standards in the collection of samples using the vacutainer system and internationally standardized collection procedure. The samples are transported without delay to the central laboratory on the second floor part C using the pneumatic chute system in a safe and secure way. The inpatient services are available round the clock and sample collection starts at 5 am in the morning and at every two hours, thereafter, laboratory phlebotomists continues collection till 6 pm in the evening.

Nothing comes before quality. We are acutely aware that our patients and physicians are depending upon us to produce accurate, complete and timely laboratory results. We meet this need because we never forget that each specimen represents a person awaiting a laboratory report that they can trust to help in making important healthcare decisions. The laboratory department has sufficient infrastructures, space, equipments and qualified and well trained personnel to carry out the testing in a safe and quality environment. Proficiency testing, quality control, document control and quality assurance are exercised at the pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical stages to ensure that each specimen receives the best quality testing that laboratory medicine can offer.

Our commitment to quality is genuine and strong. Similarly, our commitment to compliance is based upon our belief that each person in our laboratory will do the right thing every time, without compromise. We are pledged to this philosophy of ethical behaviour and know that while this encompasses adherence to all applicable regulations and standards, it goes beyond what the law requires. Our commitment to our patients requires no less.

The laboratory is a part of the allied health division of the Believers Church Medical College hospital and is headed by the Laboratory Director and managed by the Laboratory Manager.

Each section of the laboratory is headed by the head of department of the concerned medical faculty who are experts in the subject, capable of giving advisory services and assisted by all the faculty members in the section. With an efficient team of supervisors, biochemists, microbiologists and technicians the laboratory is able to cater a comprehensive range of laboratory services within the defined turnaround time. The state of the art equipment’s in the Laboratory Medicine are connected bi-directionally with laboratory information system and is capable of providing a complete range of investigations.


We cater to the needs of various departments of our own institution, namely Cardiovascular Surgery, General and Orthopaedic, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Urology and nonsurgical needs of patients in Dialysis, ICUs, Neonatology and emergency services as per requirement: Routine, Urgent or Emergency. A few surrounding hospitals also make use of our facility.

We also do Therapeutic Phlebotomy. We participate in the EQAS programme conducted by CMC Vellore. We have an active Hospital Transfusion Committee which meets at regular intervals.


“Believers Church Medical College Hospital Laboratory, commit ourselves to provide Quality Medical Laboratory Service to all our customers in terms of generating reliable test result, within the Turn Around Time, using the state of the art technology, through committed and well qualified staff with hands on experience, who ensure the policies, procedure and documentation of the laboratory at all times are maintained as per the international standard requirements of ISO 15189:2012.”


BCMCH laboratory is determined and committed to carry out the following objectives.