Our Pharmacy consists of certified professionals providing round the clock pharmacy services to patients. Our services include a dedicated Outpatient pharmacy, Inpatient pharmacy, Emergency pharmacy and a Central Pharmacy store, that provides a well-furnished medication stock for all our hospital needs. Our pharmacies cater to around 900 out patients and also to 500 in-patients a day.

  We counsel patients on the proper use of medicines and all special instructions are conveyed to the patient or their bystanders. Medication compounding is done for special needs patient (e.g. Neonatology, Paediatrics). Clinical pharmacy facilitates in inpatient medication management, patient medication counselling, ADR monitoring, medication error reporting, medication related research and drug information centre. Continuing medical education relating to medicines are organised by the pharmacy department for all healthcare professionals in the hospital to ensure that we endure to become an updated and knowledgeable workforce. 

Pharmacy services are dynamically growing and adapting newer technologies to ensure 100 per cent patient safety and accountability. Streamlining of pharmacy service workflows are done constantly to match the needs of the growing patient’s medication requirements. Our future satellite pharmacies will reduce the turnaround time for medication dispensing in the hospital.