Life at BCMCH


Assistant professor, Orthopaedics
Medical Superintendent (BCMC, Konni)
Division Head, Allied Health Services
Believers Church Medical college Hospital

Creating standards and being a new meter scale for Christian mission hospitals; that is what BCMCH is. Being the first doctor to join the institution was not just a blessing and excitement but it also brought a great deal of challenge and responsibility. Joining a fully-fledged hospital and learning protocols is an easy job. But setting up standards and making protocols in a greenfield project is a herculean task. But the management has eased the challenge by giving us the freedom of a sense of honourship in this hospital.

We were able to create a group of devoted patients as our hospital has given us the opportunity to spend quality time with them. I am fortunate to work in a place with a patient service department where economic reasons will never become a stumbling block to provide care and comfort to the poor and needy. The entry of medical students have boosted our enthusiasm to provide good teaching facility.

Being a naturalist, the green and serene atmosphere of the campus has always attracted me and has given a soothing sense of peace and happiness. In the era of nuclear family, I feel working in this hospital has given me the feeling of enjoying the life in a joint family atmosphere. I am always proud to be a co visionary with our Metropolitan in building up this institution to a world class state of the art quaternary referral centre where the motto of hope and healing is strongly held onto.


Laboratory Manager

"I have been working for Believers Church Medical College Hospital since 2014. I am happy to be a part of BCMCH family where I have been given the freedom for setting up my area into a centre of excellence. I am always amazed at the state of the art technology being used in the rural area where the hospital is located. At BCMCH, the vision "bringing hope and healing with the love of Christ, is upheld every day as we witness them as medical miracles. I have learned 'behind the scenes' work the institution takes to begin and complete healthcare quality initiatives. The environment friendly and peaceful campus brings in a feeling of calmness.  I enjoy working at BCMCH most of all because my suggestions are taken into account where ever there is scope for improvement. I am deeply honoured to be part of what is sincerely a 'FAMILY' at BCMCH."