Stroke Awareness Day Events at Believers Church Medical College Hospital

Stroke Awareness Day Events at Believers Church Medical College Hospital

On the occasion of World Stroke Day on the 29th of October, Believers Church Medical College and Hospital organised a bike rally at 6:00 AM, from the Believers Church City Clinic, Thiruvalla city to the Believers Church Medical College Hospital, St Thomas Nagar, Kuttapuzha. 

Followed by a flashmob, conducted by the students of Believers Church Medical College at the hospital grounds. It was quickly followed by the program conducted by the department of neurology. The program was started by a prayer by Rev Samuel Thomas after such a blessed start. The program continued with a Welcome speech by Dr Joban John, who started with a general greeting of all the dignitaries on the stages as well as the patients, poster competition participants. He gradually stated the reason for conducting such a program, which is the little awareness of stroke that our society retains. 

Inaugural address, by Dr Mohan Varghese, also gave light to the same issue that people of our society aren’t aware enough about the severity of the stroke and the importance of time, that comes with Stroke.  The lighting of the lamp was soon followed by the inaugural speech. The  Director Dr George Chandy praised how good the team or department of neurology is at  Believers medical college, how there is a team that specializes in dealing with stroke patients in emergency. After that Mr Joshi, a musician and a patient of the hospital entertained the crowd with his melodious sound,

There was a talk by,  Dr John K  John and Dr Samuel Chritrangam, the HOD of the Orthopedics department.  They also talked about the importance of 4 golden hours after a stroke, happens that is crucial in saving the life of the patient. 

Dr Vijaykumar,  HOD  of general medicines, also talked about the importance of educating the general public on identifying the signs of a stroke. Because with each passing minute, a neuron in their brain dies. Even if they’re saved from a stroke,  they face complications throughout the rest of their life. Dr Imad joseph, HOD of the Radiology department also addressed the public on the importance of awareness of stroke and reminding the myth of stroke, a condition that affects the heart but rather the brain. .  The talk was followed by a musical performance by Mr Peter on his violin.  The felicitations were shared by  Dr Jiju Joseph, HOD of emergency medicine Dr Vinod and Dr Roshin Mary Varghese, HOD  of P.M. R. 

Awareness can only be spread when one hears the testimony of someone who has gone through the experience. We were in luck to hear the testimony of the patients who were saved from stroke and have been rehabilitated successfully the patients  Mr Lalu C.K, Mr Sanal R and Mrs Meryamma Paul, Mr  Rajan, Mr Joshimon. Even  Mr Peter, the musician who was successfully saved from a troke. They all gave their admirable testimonies. Mostly focusing on how precious time is when it comes to saving a person from a stroke.

  Right after the testimonies, Poster competition Results were announced by  Dr  Jijo John. We were glad to hear that this year's Patient  Testimonial  Angel Award  Diamond,  was awarded to our department of Neurology  by Mrs Shivani Joshi regional head of angels was announced at the program 

The program came to an end with the Vote of Thanks by  Dr Anil Kumar Sivan.