The felicitation of Rev Fr Alexander J Kurien and the inaugration of Believers Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (B.I.N.D.S)

The felicitation of Rev Fr Alexander J Kurien and the inaugration of Believers Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (B.I.N.D.S)

The felicitation of Rev. Fr. Alexander J Kurien was held at the BCMCH Amphitheater on November 1, 2021, at 4:20 PM. He  immigrated to the U.S after completing his pre-degree in Bishop Moore College, at Mavelikara in 1976. A native of Pallipad, Allapuzha, he is truly in love with his native place.

Fr Alexander J Kurien wears two caps, one that he got by becoming the priest in the Kottayam headquarters of the Syrian Orthodox Church and the other being the head of a department in the Goverment Service Adminstration (G.S.A ) under the U.S Goverment. 

He is also a Senior Executive of the U.S Government with 34 years of experience in administration and management of policies, international high stake negotiations, strategic planning etc. In his current role, he administers nine effective government-wide management and administrative policies which have a sphere of major influence in the President's annual budget and the US Government's financial statement. Working as the appointed Executive Director of Federal Real Property Council (FRPC) his goal is to promote the efficient and economical use of the  american real estate assets.

To get a chance to felicitate a person of our State,  who has accomplished such great responsibilities with his hard work and knowledge is an honour to us. The program started with the blessings from the Almighty via the prayer of our Rev.Fr Thomas Varghese. This was followed by the welcome speech of our Director and CEO, Dr. George Chandy Matteethra, who was so impressed with Rev. Fr. Alexander J Kurien because of his awe-inspiring achievements . His Grace. Rev Joshua Mar Barnabas Episcopa also blessed us with his presence in the event. 

Rev. Fr Alexander J Kurien and his amazing will and  determination of being a vessel of God, showing the love of God through his work, actions and words. He has reached  heights of glory not only in his professional and personal life but also in his spiritual life. 

The welcome speech was preceded by the honouring of Rev.Fr Alexander J Kurian in which he received a Momento by His grace Rev Joshua Mar Barnabas Episcopa and a Ponnada by Dr George Chandy, the Director of Believers Church Medical College Hospital. There was a speech by Rev.Fr.Alexander J Kurien, in which he talked about the acronym W.E C.A.R.E that stands for Willing attitude, Embrace, Commitment, Accountability, Responsibility and Empathy. These are the values and morale one must have when working at a hospital. He also talked about being the imitation or vessels of God, because all these degrees and honours are worthless unless one makes others believe in God through their work, words and actions. 

After the felicitation, was the inauguration of the Believers Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke ( B.I.N.D.S) by Rev.Fr. Alexander J Kurien. The Neurological department of Believers Church Medical College has always been the one of the most promising team of doctors and staff when coping with emergencies. BINDS is one of the few centres in Kerala that have a  dedicated stroke team catering to the treatment and rehabilitation of people who have had stroke. After the inauguration, there was a short award ceremony in which Diamond status of the Angel awards , held by the world stroke association was awarded to the Neurology Department. It  was followed by the Vote of Thanks by Dr John Valliattu, the associate director of the Believers Church Medical College Hospital.