Best Hospital in Kerala for Interventional Oncology Cancer Treatment

Best Hospital in Kerala for Interventional Oncology Cancer Treatment

Believers Church Hospital offers Interventional Oncology Treatment in Kerala

Undoubtedly, the Oncology field has become an emerging arena in the healthcare sector with its novel technologies and a plethora of research taking place. Interventional Oncology was a breakthrough of the 21st century Cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Cancer remains one of the leading causes of 56 million deaths across the world and is complex to treat. Many patients due to their advanced age, associated co-morbidities and other risk factors may not be amenable for safe surgical removal of tumours.

Due to the expensive types of equipment and lack of expert physicians in this field, Interventional Oncology is confined to a scattered number of available health centres in India. Very few hospitals in Kerala have this latest procedure in the Cancer treatment plan and one of the best hospitals on the shortlist is Believers Church Medical College hospital, the best hospital in Thiruvalla, Kerala.

They offer a wide range of treatments and healthcare plans to provide the best possible cancer care in the state. Having bagged international awards for best patient care, Believers Church hospital not only provides the topmost services in the medical sector but also is a big runner in establishing the latest technical innovations and procedures to enhance medical treatment care.


Cancer care is a multidisciplinary treatment. Interventional Oncology is widely known as the fourth pillar of modern cancer treatment in addition to Medical, Surgical, and Radiation oncology.

Interventional oncology has proven to be highly efficient in the local therapy of various malignant tumors and is a targeted therapy acting directly on the tumour. This treatment is minimally invasive in the form of just a pinhole in the skin and causes less pain, has fewer side effects, and only a short hospital stay. For cancer patients who are going through a large amount of health risk factors, and difficulties in surviving crisis, this treatment developed as an unprecedented upbeat treatment to fight against the complications of Cancer has been efficiently caring and hopeful.

In this treatment also called as pin hole surgery, the doctor makes only a pin hole opening in the skin and delivers the treatment directly to the tumour under the guidance of X-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI scan. These advanced procedures help physicians in precise diagnosis and cancer therapy.

Oncology Treatment Facilities offered in Believers Church Hospital:

The multi-specialty services and treatment plans of Believers Church Hospital offers quality and efficient cancer care under the guidance and experienced hands of internationally qualified surgeons. A committed team incorporates a multidisciplinary approach and takes a collective effort to discuss each case and choose the optimal treatment measures.

Unconditional care for this hard journey to surpass the detrimental effects of both the cause and its treatment is inevitable, which is why the hospital also arranges special care units for cancer patients.

The interventional oncology cancer care available here reduces the intensity of this tough journey for the cancer patients and that is why this method holds immense acknowledgment in the oncology treatment.

New methods of curing cancer?

Studies show that 80% of cancers are due to environment or lifestyle of which at least 30% of future cases are potentially preventable. The treatment, a cancer patient receives is determined by what stage the tumor is in which can be assessed by proper, accurate diagnosis. Interventional oncology also reduces the risk of affecting normal cells and initiates precise targeted therapy of the tumor cells based on its highly efficient imaging technologies making it more patient-friendly and time-saving.

Benefits of Interventional Oncology:

  • *Increased Effectiveness in imaging technology to enhance the visibility, determine accurate positions and size of the tumors which will subsequently help in a better treatment plan
  • *Compared to the conventional method, Interventional radiology has reduced risks
  • *Cost-effective
  • *Less painful
  • *Quick recovery period with patients discharged out of hospital in just a day or two after most treatments

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